Let’s tell a story together…

Let’s tell a story together.

Storytelling is an incredibly relational act, one where a connection is formed between the narrator and the audience. Music can help to enhance that relationship and create a deeper connection.

I want to help you make that connection with your audience, whether through a game, TV, film, dance, whatever the medium. Let’s tell a story together.


Alex Spiers is a composer for Games, TV, and Film. While his extensive history as a singer-songwriter, classical vocalist, and church music director has led him down an exciting path of performance, he has always loved telling stories and assisting storytellers in creating an immersive experience through music composition. He enjoys helping to bring stories to life with a unique musical environment.

Alex has had the opportunity to tell some great stories already through many projects, such as his work with Director Grace Cushner on the short film ‘Warmth’, or on his spring commission from the Chicago Ballet Company ‘Ballet 5:8’.

Alex is always actively and excitedly seeking new opportunities to tell stories and new projects to participate in.

If you would be interested in chatting about your project, getting a free demo track, or just to say hello, please reach out at lxspiers@gmail.com or feel free to reach out on Instagram @alexspiersmusic


Warmth – Short Film, 2020 Dir. by Grace Cushner

Close Call – Game currently in Production

Connection Issues – Spring 2020 Commission by Ballet 5:8